Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Without a dope beat to step to

I'm sorry that my posting has been a lot less frequent and a lot more sporadic than it was over the summer months.
It's weird: I waste so much time but still am always prevented from doing things I'd like by guilt over the fact that I have things I'm supposed to be doing. Mainly studying. Or slutting it up with Solo. Or doing whatever inane work Solo finds for me as his album release draws nearer (yeah, I'm looking at you!).  Essentially, I'm too busy being guilty about all the things I'm not getting done to actually get anything accomplished.

I have a really great post I'm working on.
It's going to be long.
Full of words.
Seriously, it's going to be some poignant shit.

But, as of now, it's still in the draft phases.

In the mean time, I'd like to say that when I'm on my period, everything pisses me off.
For example, in my 8am course, a student up front was wearing a clown shirt. Like the kind from French films.
This tormented me for the entire two hours.
I was enraged.
How dare she wear a French clown shirt to school!

What an ass hole.

Why this upset me so, I'm still not sure.

Anyone considering law school as a next step or option for the future, be warned: these people will not tell you when your clothes are stupid. Trust no one. These people are out of touch with reality.

I'd like to conclude this shitty post with the following:
I acknowledge that it has been a long time & I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to, step to...

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  1. Bahahaha okay good to know about law school. I'll make sure to try and keep myself in check and I'm pretty sure I'd never ever don a French clown shirt, regardless of whether I get in or not.