Monday, November 14, 2011

I don't know how he does it

My boyfriend has a hi top.
He's a total babe but it detracts from his overall handsomeness.
High tops are horrible. On everyone. The only people that like them are:
--slutty hipsters;
--radical Black supremacists;
--other men.
& I was thinking about hi tops today.

Some famous high tops throughout history & pop culture:

a. Bride of Frankenstein:
A lot of elderly women also have this haircut.
My grandmother on my mom's side included.
I guess it was popular in their time.

b. Marge Simpson

c. Gerald from "Hey, Arnold!"

d. Don King

e. Amy Winehouse

f. Classic Troll dolls

g. Kid & Play

h. Gozer from Ghostbusters 1

i. washed up NBA players. (no picture needed, there are far too many to pick just one).

j.  David Bowie

But let's not forget; David Bowie still managed to marry Iman. So who really got the last laugh?

So...babe, if you're reading this,
what I'm trying to say is you're in odd company: most of these people are fictional characters, women, fictional characters who are women, and token Black men.
& David Bowie.

somehow you manage to pull it off.

& even though I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll shave it off, you're still the best damn little spoon there ever was.

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