Friday, November 25, 2011

TMFFS: Self Deprecation

Something I posted, via a secret group page between Fatty, Krusts, Gaga, & myself.

guys, remember when my bangs were growing out & what a weird time that was for all of us?...

Fatty: It still is.
           JK, Beef. :)

Me: Ha, I know! I really liked your first response though. You're so clever, beef. 

Fatty: Well I meant it haha. Gaga has me paranoid I am going to hurt your feelings now so I said jk. LOL

Me: This post was a joke. I meant to say something weird that would get you all to say mean things back. I thought it would be fun. lol

Gaga: OMG, what did I do?

Fatty: lol I love funny mean stuff. Do another one!

Me:  I once farted while we were all at the club. You guys were all standing close to me. It was so loud in the club that no one heard my fart. Bible.

...Drinking gives me gas.

Fatty: Lmao I am laughing in the walmart line. You are so stoooooopid.

...Life gives me gas.

Me: The board game from Milton Bradley?

Fatty: That too. 

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