Sunday, January 29, 2012

About Being Back

If there's one thing I love about being back, it's being with all my FabFaves again.
Case in point, the other day Fatty said:
"You just think she has big boobs because she's Indian and they're always weaving baskets and not wearing bras."
& I was like, "What?"
& she was like, "You know, on magazines. They're always in pictures with their boobs out, making baskets from straw."
& so I was like, "No. That's wrong. You're thinking of tribal African women."
Fatty said, "It's the SAME THING."

I tried to post this conversation on facebook and some how ended up tagging the law school.
So people looking up our school saw this conversation for a split second before I removed it.
So far, no emails from the dean or anything.

& also the other day, Gaga was all, "Hey, I have a surprise for you."
& I said, "Is it a fart?"
& he said, "No, it's a real surprise."
& when I saw him next, he gave me a pink sticker for my car to let people driving behind me know that I go to law school.
This hearkens back to a time when Gaga asked me why I didn't have a School of Law sticker on my car & I, being the slacker I am 80% of the time, said I didn't want to put a sticker on my car in case I got kicked out. He made me promise a year ago, that if I made it through the spring, I would get a sticker.
I'd forgotten about it until he gave me the sticker & I felt so glad to be surrounded by friends who not only support me, but are proud of me.

& even though Darlene is not a fabfave, she's the best friend I've ever had.
I saw her Friday night: I'm so proud of her--she's starting nursing school, has a gorgeous new apartment, kicking butt and taking names and what not.
So anyway, I took her out for Mexican & Margaritas.
This was at 7pm, at 9 we were sitting at our booth crying about how our dads are the greatest men on the planet. I love that girl. Haha.

What sucks about being back: I scheduled classes 5 days a week. This means if I go see Solo for the weekend, I have to leave after class Friday & leave early enough to get to class on Monday. & I might be such a sucker for saying this: but a weekend is not enough time!
Oh yeah, & the reading. That sucks, too. It majorly cuts into my netflix time.

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  1. Oh what joys I have to look forward to in law school.
    I'm so lucky I've managed to schedule classes Monday-Thursday for the past two quarters. Two days is definitely NOT enough down time. Good luck with classes!