Tuesday, January 10, 2012


If you were worried that I'd hung myself after my New Year's Eve post, fear no more.
& also, since the fire marshals never came for me, you're kind of a dick for only faintly being concerned. 

But the point is: I'm alive. I'm doing pretty well. Haven't blogged because I've been in our fair nation's capital city, sitting on my dad's couch and eating all of his hummus. Listen, you guys, it's fucking cold out there.

My world did not end from spending New Year's at home, drinking wine on the couch with my mom. & after I thought about it, I was kind of glad to be there--she would have been alone that night & then who would have been there to hear her describe Lady Gaga as "natural"? 

But anyway. Happy New Year, Readers. 

In early December, free from law school finals, I began a netflix/redbox binge. 
This binge led to me watch probably way too many movies, but most notably--
Death Becomes Her;
The Future;
Midnight in Paris; &
Our Idiot Brother.

Before watching these films, it would have seemed to me that they didn't really have anything in common. After watching them, though, I noticed a major motif running through them all: your life is the consequence of your own actions &/or that happiness is something you have to create for yourself.

I like this idea. I like it a lot.

& it made me think about who I want to be and the kind of things I want out of my life.
I still have no fucking idea who I want to be and what I want out of my life.

But thinking about my life as something very much in my hands to craft has led me to the decision to take better care of myself--to make healthier decisions & be a better student & pet owner.
& that's where I am right now.

I used to be funny, you guys. I'm working on getting back to that soon. 


  1. Aw I like these sort of deep posts, even though they lack your old humor.
    Dude, Midnight in Paris is now one of my favorite movies.
    I'm glad that you're deciding to take better care of yourself =] Say hi to Shakespeare for me!

  2. Hi, Lexa!
    I miss your blog! Hope you're doing well & I ended up watching Midnight in Paris after your rave review! :)