Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Overheard at my apartment complex; one resident to another:
I never knew the names of these women since I was only eavesdropping, so I've made names up.

Yolanda: How are your grand babies? Jay has gotten so big since the last the I saw her.
Virginia: Honey Child, they are growing so fast! Do you know what Jay told me the other day? She said, "Gigi, I don't want to be a ballerina anymore. I wanna take hip hop with the big girls!"
Yolanda: Oh my!
Virginia: I know! & her parents are going to let her! You know what I said to them? I said, "I'm just going to go ahead and buy a pole for her room so she can start practicing." I don't care if she quits ballet; my parents made me play the violin till I was 16 & I hated it. Every time I see or hear a violin now, the hairs on my neck stand up. Straight up! You wouldn't believe it.
But I just think, I just don't think no five year old has no business taking hip hop classes. There ain't no good place that road can lead.
Yolanda: Mhm. I wouldn't let her take that class.
Virginia: Kids these days, I tell ya', they just growing up so fast. Can even fill a bra out before they're ready to take those bras off for money. I tell you this country is going straight to hell.
Yolanda: Mhm.


  1. LMFAO.
    Oh god, I wish I didn't read this in class! I swear, every time I do this, I always end up laughing and getting weird looks. It's even more awkward in a small class....
    I love those names you made up, by the way.
    And I do actually think tat it's strange how fast kids are developing these days. I was shopping for shoes and sat next to some 13 year old who needed a women's size 10. Not that I have anything against people with larger feet, but I just found it weird because back in the day, all my friends were excited for the day that they could fit into their mom's size 7.5 baby heels for the 8th grade dance.

  2. While I was in DC, I went to the Smithsonian of Natural History & they had an exhibit about human evolution. One part was talking about how humans continue to get bigger from one generation to the next. Not fatter but taller and such.

  3. TOTALLY DIFFERENT NOTE: My friend just played Return to Innocence by Enigma and I immediately thought of you!