Monday, February 6, 2012

Margarita Monday

Reader(s), it's Margarita Monday;
a day I used to celebrate weekly during undergrad by subjugating my body to gallons of tequila and cheesy Mexican food for ridiculously low prices.
Thanks to a local Mexican restaurant located less than 3 minutes (LITERALLY) from my school's campus, I am able to recreate my weekly ritual and so fill the void that was ever-expanding like a black hole in my heart.
I tell you all this to explain up front that I am, right now, slightly inebriated in my 6 o'clock class AND to apologize ahead of time for any spelling and/or grammatical errors (as well as the all too likely unhealthy craziness).

because I'm just drunk enough to talk about something that I consider a scab on the flaky exterior of my heart soul...
my arch nemesis(es--there are more than one).

I never talk about them.
Because a vast majority of the time, I don't deem them worthy of mentioning.
To sum it up nicely, if there were a "Who's Who" of human crap--they would be on that list.
(AND, much like the annual "Who's Who of American Teenagers" publication, they would gladly pay whatever fine for a little bit of recognition; even if the recognition were to be acknowledged as crap--THAT is how low they are, readers!)

I, perhaps not being the most reliable of sources to judge such things, dislike them for their neediness. For their attention-whorish-ness. For their need to consistently and perpetually spew out their irrelevant opinions and fill my facebook timeline with albums upon albums of portraits of themselves and bitterness and false portrayals of happiness.

Those bitches.


&, I've decided, I was (& am) correct for always choosing not to do so.
BECAUSE: these people, beyond all else, crave attention to fill the nasty, ugly void within themselves.
& THAT is why they flaunt their pretend happiness and very real bitterness;
THAT is why they fill entire photo albums with photos of themselves--
so that everyone can fawn over and envy the pretend lives they've created on social media,
so everyone can praise their elementary opinions and lament the fact that they are so sad,
so everyone can re-affirm how pretty they are.

They need that.
They would probably die without it.

& I will not contribute to this mindless trend by keeping up with them.

take note; I here for to erase you from my life.
I will block you
and forget you.
You will be dead to me.
& I know it will hurt you.


  1. Oh gosh.
    Nice drunken post though! Very heartfelt xP

  2. Ha, thank you. When I realized that I'd drunk blogged, I checked it & decided to leave it up due to the lack of misspellings.