Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I lament the fact, sometimes, that blogger is a place where people expect you to write things.
Posting up pictures and quotes here is unacceptable.
(Unless you're a fashion blogger).

But something that is recently very important to me is this quote I came across on a friend's facebook:

Nothing gives one person so much advantage 

over another as to remain always cool and 

unruffled under all circumstances.

-Thomas Jefferson

Composure is something I've lacked in the past.
I react very passionately about everything.
& then I realized that a good amount of the time, people are dicks because they want a specific reaction from you.

So my new thing is thoroughly considering how to react before I do it.
Reacting less passionately.
Reacting less rashly.
Reacting smarter.

& I think it's already working out for me.

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