Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A good place to start this post is to say that I really recently got an iPhone.
Where I'm going with this is that I've been instagramming the shit outta everything, ever.
I love it so much.
& I had a pretty spectacular last four days, so I've been spamming my instagram followers with my nonsense.
(& also: if you have an instagram account, let's be friends! I'm @laurelczimyoung!)

So, I now present my weekend in Instagram.

My friend's crocs on campus

A Church swarming with Indian Paintbrushes off of FM1209 @HWY 71

A closer look.

A chandelier at my sweet sorority sister's wedding venue. 

Fast friends at the rehearsal dinner.

The wedding venue, at night & upside down. 


Aside from attending what was arguably the best wedding I've ever been to, I also met Solo's parents for the first time. I had crab cakes with mustard and veggies, they called me smart. 
I didn't take any pictures, though. 

Then, the Wedding: 

The beautiful bride, getting ready. 

The lovely Clements, their first dance. 

Solo & I, some photobooth fun. 
& then some. 

We stopped off HWY 6 for some leisurely thrifting.

This furry little guy reminded me of the caterpillar in Labyrinth that says, " 'ello!"

My Thrifting Purchases:

A fly sculpture made from a deactivated grenade that I'm giving my brother as a birthday gift. Don't tell!

Little ceramic donkeys. I named the one on the left Pistol & the other, Tabasco. 

A throw just to add some color to my living area.  
Not sure how many washes till it's clean, so far just once in hot water with LOTS of detergent. 

Solo also bought some cassette tapes and an Emerson 1434 but once we got it home, it didn't work. :(
We returned it & used the money to buy candy & movie tickets to 21JumpStreet, which was super funny & the perfect end to an amazing weekend with Solo. 

Hope you had a great weekend, also, Reader(s)! 


  1. So jealous of your iPhone and of you seeing 21 Jump Street. Lovely pictures! They're so artsy and I'm kind of in love with the wedding venue, from what you've taken!
    Also, unrelated, but I wanted you to know that I tried to kill a spider with hairspray the other day and it didn't even affect it. I just curled up, waited a couple of seconds, unstuck its legs from its body, and continued up my wall, so I eventually had to squish it with my sandal.

  2. Haha, Lexa, I've actually done that too! --> It didn't work for me, either!

    But the nail polish remover: THAT WORKS!

    & thanks for complementing the pictures! I ADORE instagram! Probably too much. :/
    Her wedding venue was perfect! It was HONESTLY the best wedding I've ever gone to!

  3. Adorable pictures with your honey :3