Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Selling a fairy tale

Recently, a friend commented on my facebook wall expressing her happiness that I'd found someone who loves and respects me. She was very happy for me that I'd finally found true love.
& I accepted this congratulatory statement with poise; but also admitted that Solo & I had been fighting.

Reader(s), I'd like to tell you the absolute truth about Solo & I.
He is but a figment of my imagination, except for when he's a Japanese Body Pillow & then he's a pillow that I hold close & pretend is a person.
That's not true, but this post is going to be of the somber variety & I needed to get at least one joke in.

The truth is that what Solo & I share is flawed.
In more ways than one.

Do I love him? Inconceivably so.
Does he love me? Yes.

But relationships require so much more than love.

He & I have all kinds of problems as a couple--distance, trust issues, baggage.
We've broken up twice (both of which lasted only long enough for us to talk through the fact that we still wanted to be together).

& so what I'm saying is: yes, we're happy. MOST OF THE TIME.
I honestly don't know if he's the one or just one of many.

& I just don't want to sell you guys a fairy tale that's just going to turn into a couple of rags & rodents at the stroke of midnight. Or whatever happened to Cinderella.

You guys deserve full disclosure: what Solo & I have is far from perfect. What we have is very real; full of triumphs and also plagued with tragedies.

So now you know.


  1. Aw, that's how every relationship is for the most part. I've done the same thing with my bf, like broken up with him four times only for the span of about 2 hours until we worked it out. Relationships are hard.

  2. Hi, Lexa!
    that's an understatement. haha.
    I'm so glad you two have been able to work things out & wish you guys luck!