Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What is my life?

While talking about Rocko's Modern Life today, the subject came up that someone thought he was a kangaroo. I, having been a religious Rocko's Modern Life watcher in my youth, conceded that he was a wallaby. One of the other interns said, "I thought he was a Dingo?"
I asked if dingos look like kangaroos & they explained to me that dingos are more or less Australian coyotes. They also told me about how a dingo stole and ate a baby in the 1980s.
I had never heard about this before--apparently, I'm the last person on earth to know about this. There's even a lifetime movie about the woman who was imprisoned for 3 years after being charged with the murder of her infant daughter, when in reality, her baby had been carried off by a dingo. A glimpse into Wikipedia revealed that a coroner confirmed, ON MY BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR no less, that a dingo had, in fact, stolen and eaten the baby.
That obviously means nothing but I thought it was an interesting coincidence...


Today, I had lunch with my intern friends at a vegetarian restaurant.

The dirty bitches totally tricked me into going because I fully appreciate my meats and vegan cupcakes do nothing for me.

BUT much to my surprise, it was pretty tasty. & the place was packed.

While waiting for our table, I stepped outside to look around at the restaurant's vegetable & fruit garden.
(So cute!) & I took this picture:

& I'm all, "What an interesting flower! It kind of looks like an artichoke?"

& then I found out, it IS an artichoke (dun dun dun!) & that they grow flowers when they mature. 

So I was really excited that I learned something today.

& then, while driving home, I started thinking about how this photo reminds me of this photo:

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago at one of my professor's law offices in the country. It's a field of thistles.

& I was like, "thistles and artichokes look a lot a like...I wonder if they're related?"
& then I googled it & Wikipedia said: THEY ARE (dun dun DUN!)!
Artichokes ARE thistles.

As you can tell, my life is full of excitement.

BUT I am glad I learned things today:

  • Artichokes grow flowers;
  • Artichokes are thistles;
  • Dingos have been documented to eat babies.
So there's that, right?

I'm really just trying to get back into the swing of blogging, or writing, rather. It was something that I used to love & used to be important to me & I've really been neglecting it.
I'm sorry that my posts haven't been the gold of this blog's once illustrious past...

But anyway, here's a picture of the restaurant:

That's all I got!

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  1. Wow, thank you for sharing the artichoke facts. I can totally win me some jeopardy now. I also thought that Rocko was a kangaroo...
    And yeah! That dingo story was all over CNN! To be fair, the only reason I knew about that was because I had to change my homepage from like, Hollywood gossip crap to something "real and adultlike" to not be judged by people around me when I start up my browser for FB in class...but I guess that defeats the purpose of looking studious if I'm on FB in class...
    But I digress. Also, congrats on your internship!