Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Such a long time

The day before last, my official last summer as a student came to an end. 
It's my third and final year of law school and besides the feeling that I'm about to find out what it's like to spread yourself too thin, I'm concerned about the fact that every year I become less funny. 
A much heavier drinker, perhaps, but much less funny. 
The funniest thing I've said in a long time was, when talking about re-starting an LGBTA law student association on campus, I suggested to Gaga that we name it, "Chik-fil-Ain't."
& that was pretty good.
I was pretty impressed with myself. 
But it was a far cry from where I once was.

It's weird; I started this blog to write because at one point in time, writing was my favorite.
In the process of this blog, I discovered that making people laugh is my favorite. 

I'm being more existential than I can stand right now. 

But anyway, so it was my last summer. 
In the time that I haven't blogged:
  • Solo and I went to Puerto Rico and I saw my grandma, aunt and uncle, beautiful cousins and their children. I realized how much I love being Puerto Rican and how profoundly I've taken the fact of my ethnicity for granted. I'd like to touch on this more but I won't make any promises since it's been nearly a month since my last post.
  • I got a new cat, his name is Venkman. He is evil.
  • I got my 9th and probably final tattoo.
  • Yet another cancer scare that is not fully resolved and too embarrassing to fully explain. 
  • I worked two and a half internships, but I'm claiming the full 3 for resume purposes. 
  • I've watched 2/3 of the X-files series, which has greatly enhanced my paranoia but also made me more knowledgeable about folklore. 
I'm guessing that if you're not already back, you're going soon so I hope you're summer was wonderful and that you have an amazing school year. 

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  1. Good luck on your last year of law school! You'll make a great lawyer. And no matter how un-funny you think you are, I still enjoy your posts. So if you ever decide to stop writing and delete this, don't just do it spontaneously. Write a goodbye post or tweet @ me, ya dig?