Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Will I Ever Be Normal Again?

I want to pretend that I've taken a leave of absence from blogging because I was so wrapped up in politics and the elections that I had no energy to write.
This is a lie.
Honestly, I just had the longest stretch of writers' block I've ever encountered.
For months, I second guessed myself: is that even clever? Is that even funny?

But whether it's clever or not, whether it's funny or not, I've decided to start writing again.

In the wake of the elections, however, I did do a lot of thinking.
Mostly, I tried to abstain from arguing with people on the internet over politics.
Although, I will admit, sometimes I failed at even this.

For months, certain trigger words and phrases on the web, radio, television, sent me into mini panic attacks:
women's preventative care, abortion, religious freedom, freedom of speech, the economy, jobs, gay rights, FEMA, chick-fil-a, lazy freeloaders, etc, etc.
& now I wonder how long it will take for my blood not to boil every time someone makes mention of these.
Obviously, today is not that day.
It's all still too fresh.

But I will say: I am proud of all the voters, I am proud of our candidates, & I'm excited by the outcome of this year's election.

If you're like me, I hope you're on your way to being back to normal.

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