Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To love a Narcissus

The title is not an error.
Though I could easily have called this post, "to love a narcissist" and would have retained all the same meaning.
But, I'm building up to a metaphor here & so the distinction was important.

To love a Narcissus is to sometimes find yourself exasperated and wonder how anyone could be so self consumed.
But to love them anyway.

To love a Narcissus is to be Luisa Contini and dare someone to keep taking and taking. And while Luisa is not part of Ovid's myth,
there's a parallel.
Luisa says, take it all and recognizes that Guido can't see he's taken so much that someday there will be nothing left of her.

To love a Narcissus is to worry that your beautiful one will never notice that there's nothing left of you,
that, like Echo, you've disappeared.

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