Thursday, July 4, 2013

Meeting cute

I was in my office. My office mate had carefully folded dozens of sheets of craft paper into origami cranes. After tying string around their beaks, I climbed on top desks, chairs, and boxes, hanging them from our office ceiling. 
Balanced on top of a desk, I stretched my arms toward the roof. And suddenly, I became aware of someone watching me.  I turned my gaze toward the open door of my office. 

"So...what's going on in here?" A man from down the hall asked me. I noted the look of disapproval on his handsome face. 

"Oh, you know...hanging cranes." 
He didn't say anything, he just laughed and walked away. 
"Real smooth, Lauren," I thought to myself. 

10 minutes later, I was standing in my office door way, debating where to hang the next crane when he walked by on the way to his office. He stopped and looked into my office with me. 
"Looks good," he said. 
"Hey, thanks!" 

He was already walking back to office.

"Is this what meeting cute is like?" I wondered. 

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