Sunday, October 20, 2013

Someone To Lose My Shit With

After a long weekend at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, hundreds of us gathered in the cold in front of Atoms for Peace. The group I was with; my brother, his girlfriend, and two friends hung way back in the crowd, where the gathering began to taper off into empty field space.
Also hanging back was this couple.
& they were going crazy together.
This couple were dancing like maniacs.
I've since talked about it with other people, who without hesitation ask, "what if they thought they were awesome dancers?"
There is no way that this is possible. This kind of dancing is the kind only made possible with a concerted effort at dancing badly. After every song, they hi-fived each other. Sometimes they'd dance behind strangers who were just passing by.
They were having a lot of fun & they were a lot of fun to watch.

Watching them, I realized something.
I looked over to my brother, "That's what I think real love is."
"Yeah. It's hard to find someone who will lose their shit like that with you and just have fun."

I hopelessly want that; the kind of love where I don't give a shit who's looking, the kind of love I'm not afraid to look like an idiot for.

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