Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A girl at heart.

I want so much to be an adult and to be able to censor myself & take the high road.

But tonight, I sat down & had an awful conversation with you and my emotions were running rampant & I thought to myself (& also outloud), "this is what dying feels like." 

& then it was done.
& I still don't feel emotionally satisfied by all of it. The immature, petty, rude girl inside of me is prodding me. & since I almost cried at the bar when the dj played radiohead's "creep," I must oblige her. 

Your mom is xenophobic & you are an enabler. 
That thing you do during sex is weird and selfish. 
Your new girl has a rat face. *
In conclusion, kindly go fuck yourself. 

*after a day, I realized that was really fucking mean & not necessarily true & shallow & horrible & I'm sure she's amazing. So I take that back.

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