Monday, November 25, 2013

From Across the Street

I know, I know.
For sometime now, this blog has failed to be the funny reprieve it was circa 2009-2010 & parts of 2011.
I've either been not writing or just coming around to write things that are sort of depressing.

&, I'm sorry.
& I figure you guys deserve a palate cleanser, compliments of the comedic stylings of Solo.

The other day, Solo made cups of hot chocolate for us & decided that one packet of marshmallows was not enough for his hot cocoa, so he used two.

& so, he's eying this cup of cocoa & he says,
"People be saying they marshmallow lovers, but they be on that wannabe shit. THIS that real shit right here. Your bitch can see this from across the street."

I don't know, it cracked me up.

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