Saturday, November 2, 2013

Should you ever stumble upon this blog

There are a million small things that happen all the time & I always think to text you about it but I stop myself. Sometimes it feels like I'm looking for an excuse to talk to you & the truth is, I miss talking to you everyday. 
Every arctic monkeys song reminds me of you lately. Which is unfortunate because they're my favorite band, but may also be the reason why I've fallen even more in love with their music. 
Now everywhere I go it seems I run into beautiful brown couples. He's wearing a soccer jersey, she's a classic beauty with her hair pinned back. Somewhere not far behind them trails one of their mothers, wrangling a rambunctious small child. & I think of you, every time. I wonder if the day will come when I'll round an aisle in a grocery store and run into you and your family. I wonder whether I'll be happy for you or if I'll still be bitter that it wasn't & never could have been me. 
I think the worst thing is all the things I never got to ask you. The things about you I'll never know. 

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