Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wholly Underrated

I've often been quick to discount him, but Solo's a good person.

I've sort of been in a weird place lately & Solo's been a patient friend and listener of things he probably had hoped to never have to listen to.

& he does other cool stuff like dragging me out of my place when I just want to lay in my pajamas and feel sorry for myself or pretending not to notice that I ate three lemon bars for lunch, as I am wont to do.

A couple of weeks ago, on a night where I was feeling particularly horrible, Solo came over & was determined to get me out of the house. & so I resentfully obliged him. He parks the car on this hill and we're at Mt. Bonnell.

Mt. Bonnell overlooks a long river on one side, and on the other the Austin skyline. I'd been there years before with Flintstone and remembered a path that lead to a picnic table facing the skyline. Solo climbed up onto the table top and then turned to help me up.

The moment itself was crisp; the air was dry, the stars were out, windows in homes on the other side of the river seemed like gems from here, and the skyline glittered.

I felt lucky for the first time in a while. I felt grateful to be there in that moment, surrounded by so much to take in & with a friend who cared enough to make me put on pants, brush my hair, and go see it. And also, in the larger sense, happy to finally be in Austin living around the corner from my brother and blocks away from my mother's synagogue.

When I left my first job, my boss took a little jab at me by saying, "you seem really tethered to Texas. My professional advice is that you spend some time abroad. The world is bigger than Texas."

& if I over-look the implication that he thinks I'm a hick, I just sort of laugh about it. I knew, from the time I was 15 and clipped an article about Austin's Cherrywood neighborhood from a magazine, that I wanted to be in Austin. & of course I intend to travel (when I get my money right), but I never imagined myself anywhere but here. Not everyone can say they love the place they live, but I can. Who's to say that will never change? But for right now, I'm exactly where I've always wanted to be.

Well, sort of.

But anyway, so Solo and I are standing on top of this table and we're looking out at the skyline and I feel him put his arms around me. I felt like I was having this major life moment and I pulled out my phone to snap a few pictures of the skyline when Solo says, "You know, you don't HAVE to Instagram everything."

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