Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Where Does the Apostrophe Go?" A post about Valentines' Day

I've always struggled with whether it's Valentine's day or Valentines' day. Like, is it the day of your valentine, or is it the day of all the valentines of everyone?

Well anyway. Yesterday was Valentines' day.

A summary of events: I purchased candy for the students I work with as well as for some of my favorite faculty members. I'd forgotten what it was like to celebrate Valentines' day in a high school setting; there is candy EVERYWHERE.
Two students gave me heart shaped lollipops; the teacher I work with and a student each gave me a cupcake; yet another student gave me a home-made brownie; and another student gave me a packet of skittles. Additionally I ate two chocolate covered strawberries purchased from the home economics students. And I drank a can of cherry dr. pepper with my lunch.
What I'm saying is, at the end of the day, my heart was beating out of my chest and I was mentally preparing myself for the humiliation of my impending newspaper obituary reading only, "death by sugar."

& before I continue with my summary of events, I'd like to include some student perspectives on Valentines' Day:

& even though this student isn't sure what my name actually is, it's clear I'm touching lives. 
& just in case any school administrators find this post, it's worth mentioning that I lovingly call her Stupita Lupita. 

Later, our students created write-around love poems in their groups (meaning each member of the group individually came up with at least one stanza of the poem).  One group of boys (admittedly, a cluster of my favorite students) turned this in: 

Earlier in the week, the students had a group project where we gave them advertisements with the product and slogan cut off. They were asked to analyze the advertisement without these items and infer what the ad was for. Then they had to use persuasive techniques to create their own ad for the same product. The same group of boys from the "Nutritious booty" poem turned in this advertisement (note, the original ad they worked from is pictured on the left):

Anyway, so the rest of my day...

All hocked up and high on sugar, I came home and manically began cleaning my home. 
Why? Not just because I needed to burn off all the excess energy, but because I had a Valentine and I was worried he'd want to come inside & then I'd have to explain all the dust and piles of hair...
Anyway, so my date was coming over at 7:15ish and I had only just gotten home at 6.
Thankfully, because I'd spent the morning and afternoon harvesting diabetes, I was able to get my apartment clean and change clothes before my date arrived. 

I'm sort of not ready to talk too much about him; it's new & the situation is tricky but I will say he was very chivalrous, having showed up at my door with chocolate and white roses. He opened my door for me all night & was a great conversationalist. He's pretty dope and it was my best Valentines' day yet.

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