Friday, May 16, 2014

Like Paris in the 20's

"SO, YOU MEET SOMEONE and feel something instantly and then you imagine a thousand conversations in your mind and you become enamored with a fantasy and you know it's a fantasy but as you get to know the person really every new thing you learn seems to reaffirm the fantasy and maybe the fantasy isn't just a fantasy and you know it's crazy but wouldn't it be nice if it weren't crazy and your life really could be like a sonnet, like a pop song, like Paris in the '20s, and maybe, just maybe, if you wish upon a wish and hope beyond hope, that person is actually as crazy as you and is having all the same thoughts as you and just hasn't expressed them because they know they're crazy too..."

--from "Why 'Love Actually' Matters" The Case for Getting the Shit Kicked Out of You by Love, by Ben Dreyfus, posted on MotherJones.

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