Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thinkin Bout You

a tornada flew around my room before you came,
please excuse the mess it made,
it usually doesn't rain in Southern California,
much like Arizona,
my eyes don't shed tears
but, boy, they pour when I'm thinkin bout you.
I've been thinkin bout you, you know, know, know.
I've been thinkin bout you.
Do you think about me still? Do you?

x Frank Ocean

It's lame that I'm posting lyrics/link to a song that came out years ago, but not song long ago to be classically cool. But whatever, I still love it. Waiting with baited breath for the next album.


  1. Lauren! I'm finally commenting on one of your posts instead of being a clandestine reader in the back alleys and dark crevices of the internet. Haha. Too bad my blog is about baseball. Maybe I should start another one about my daily idiosyncrasies. Hmm...

    1. LEo, a blog about your daily idiosyncrasies would be great; you should start one! also, I'm sorry for responding so late: I am terrible at looking at my comments. :(